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  • Suncha Wheat Straw Bento Lunch Box for Kids

    Suncha Wheat Straw Bento Lunch Box for Kids

    Product Features:
    ● Safe and reusable. This macaroon-colored bento box is made from high-quality 100% BPA-free wheat straw material and can be used many times after washing. By using wheat straws instead of plastic, you can protect the environment and reduce white pollution.
    ● Food-grade bento box container. Made from the highest quality PP plastic. These pre-made lunch boxes are heat-resistant and can be microwave heated. Our lunch boxes have airtight lids to seal and safely store food. Our bento boxes are also microwave, fridge, and dishwasher safe. These wheat straw bento boxes can tolerate a wide range of temperatures from -20°C to 120°C. There’s no need to worry about high or low temperatures causing the boxes to release harmful substances that can harm your baby’s body. Our bento boxes are food safe tested.
    ● Easy to open lids. The special design allows the bento box to be opened or closed easily. Although the lid can be opened or closed easily, the lunch box is still well sealed. You can put it in your child’s school bag or your bag without worrying about spilling food. (Cautions: this lunch box is not suitable for storing liquid food.)
    ● Lightweight and stackable. The wheat marmalade lunchbox has a denser base than other lunchboxes so this lunchbox is lighter in weight. It is also stackable and space-saving, making it a great choice for adults/children for work, school, and travel.
    ● 3-compartment bento box. The bento box is designed with 3 perfectly divided compartments making it easy to prepare a variety of food, snacks, and fruit and its capacity is 1000ml. This makes this bento box ideal for students and children, but also for adults who need to control the size of their meals. Our bento boxes allow you to achieve a healthy eating plan.