Suncha Round Mango wood Cake stand with beaded design

Suncha Round Mango wood Cake stand with beaded design

Product Features:

●Very humanized design:This is the cakes and you must have for your dinner/ family/ birthday/ engaged house-warming party, the light round handle design is very easy to pick up. You can see that there are 2 beaded-design decorations, which are very beautiful.

●Enough storage space: The countertop is big enough for your cake and dessert and cookies. So u can put any food u like/ as u wished/ as u wanted. The space is large enough to put down some big cakes or several small cakes and so on.

●Reliable martial:The choice of mango wood is a very durable wood species among others, and the cost is competitive. You don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on an inappropriate product, because our products are cheap and affordable.

●Beautiful surface: In speaking of the surface, the washed white surface treatment also makes it more smooth. Don’t u want to have a board that is good enough, this is the choice for u. Only the one who does not buy one will regret.

●Wonderful present: Such a beautiful cake shop also becomes one of your options as a gift, because it takes into account both applicability and aesthetics. It is very suitable for your female friends and if you didn’t have a girl friend, buy one, and you will meet the girl you love and get her warm heart.

Customizing Options:

●Material: Rubber wood.

●Logo: We can customize your own brand logo with laser engraving、hot stamp、silk screen printing and logo-burnt.

●Pattern: We can customize your own pattern with painting、UV painting and thermal transfer.

Product Detail

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Product Features

Size 30*30*18cm
Item No.  ST07E010
Color  White washed
Material  Mango wood

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