• Suncha Kitchen High Quality Wooden Rolling Pin

    Suncha Kitchen High Quality Wooden Rolling Pin

    Product Features:
    ● High-quality beech wood. Made of high-quality solid European beech wood, this rolling pin is tapered at both ends for easy rolling. The beech wood material is strong and durable and has excellent weight-bearing and crack resistance. This rolling pin has undergone our rigorous weight test and our product can withstand 200 pounds of gravity. Also, the surface of the beech wood rolling pin is polished and treated with mineral oil, its surface feels smooth and won’t stick to the dough when you use it, and you don’t have to worry about hurting your hands.
    ● Easy to use. The French rolling pin replaces the traditional rolling pin. The thickness of the dough can be easily changed without the need to adjust the guide ring. Great for making pizza dough, cookies, bread, fudge, pies, etc. Rounded ends can also be used to mash garlic, herbs, spices, etc.
    ● Large Size Rolling Pin. This rolling pin measures 15.7 * 1.37 inches. it is easy to store anywhere in the kitchen. When not in use, its natural wood grain can also be used as a kitchen accent.
    ● Easy to clean. Hand wash, wipe with a damp cloth, and dry thoroughly in time for best results before storing.
    ● Friendly service and guarantee. We carefully select and remove poor quality before packing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our service team will be glad to serve you. Your satisfaction is our motivation and we want to guarantee the quality of all the products we sell
    Customizing Options:
    ● Material: Bamboo/Rubber/Ash wood/Acacia wood/Walnut wood/Beech wood and so on.
    ● Logo: we can customize your own brand logo with laser engraving、hot stamp、silk screen printing and logo-burnt.
    ● Pattern: we can customize your own pattern with painting、UV painting and thermal transfer.