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  • Suncha Bamboo Kid Feed Plate Dinosaur Shape Dinnerware

    Suncha Bamboo Kid Feed Plate Dinosaur Shape Dinnerware

    Product Features:
    ● Safe and healthy material.This dinosaur-shaped dinner plate is made of organic bamboo, which is naturally healthy, carefully selected by Suncha staff. Bamboo dinner plates are healthier than plastic and more durable than ceramic ones. Using natural wood for tableware can protect your child from all harmful substances. Suncha’s plates are independently tested for strict food safety, so moms can buy and use them with confidence.
    ● No More Mess. Considering that children like to dance around when they eat delicious food and easily knock over the plate, we have added a silicone suction cup with super absorbent ability on the back of the plate. The additional suction cups can be firmly attached to any hard flat surface, suitable for most high chair trays so that children will not throw the bowl and plate of food to the ground. There will be no slipping, dropping, or throwing off the plate while the kids are eating.
    ● Super cute dinosaur shape. This bamboo is made with the baby’s favorite dinosaur shape. The cute dinosaur shape can attract the children’s attention. Make children feel that eating is a happy and joyful thing.
    ● Segmented dinner plate. Our dinner plate is with 3 spaces, using this plate is equivalent to having three plates. Moms can serve 3 different ingredients on the plate. It’s practical and ideal for providing balanced meals with different foods.
    ● A lovely gift. If you or your friends are struggling with a child who doesn’t like to eat or are worried about what to give your child for their birthday, then take a look at this dinner plate. This cute-shaped dinosaur dinner plate is just right for your kids.

    Customizing Options:
    ● Material: Bamboo/Rubber/Ash wood/Acacia wood/Walnut wood/Beech wood and so on.
    ● Logo: we can customize your own brand logo with laser engraving、hot stamp、silk screen printing and logo-burnt.
    ● Pattern: we can customize your own pattern with painting、UV painting and thermal transfer.