Mother’s day

  • Suncha Engraved Bamboo Cutting Boards for Mom Gifts

    Suncha Engraved Bamboo Cutting Boards for Mom Gifts

    Product Features:
    ● The perfect gift for mum. Giving your own mum the gift of this engraved chopping board will definitely make him feel extra touched and happy and you can give it to her on Mother’s Day, birthdays, weddings, Christmas or as a thoughtful gift to thank her.
    ● As an emotional gift from your daughter to your mum. The surface of the chopping board is engraved with “My dear mum. Even when I’m not around. I want you to know. For all the times I forget to thank you. For all the special and little things you do. For all the words that sometimes can’t be said. I need to say that I love you. Mum… I do. Love your daughter” to remind her that even if you don’t tell her, you will always be grateful and loved. Also if you have other words you would like to tell your mum, you can customise the chopping board and tell your mum what is on your mind through the chopping board. This cutting board will become a unique gift for your mum.
    ● A special way of expressing love. This personalised customised gift for mum from your child is carefully crafted from high quality natural bamboo wood. The surface of the chopping board has been carefully polished and is very comfortable to use. The surface is very smooth to the touch and there is no need to worry about any wood shavings hurting your mum. This chopping board is durable and environmentally friendly.
    ● Perfect size and multiple uses. This bamboo chopping board measures 11 x 8.6 x 0.4 inches and the handle design makes it easy to use and carry. Mums can use it as a decorative piece or serving tray, with the flat side for chopping vegetables. It also works perfectly as a grilling board.